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5 Reasons You Need Less TV

The most common reaction we get when we tell people we don’t watch TV is something along the lines of this: “What!? How?!” To me, it’s simple, and here’s a few reasons why you need less TV, none at all.

1. Slows down your brain activity. As in, less than when we are sleeping. Staring blankly at a TV screen is one of the worst activities that a person can do, especially as far as a mental exercise. When we look into a TV we essentially perform no actions, only watch, don’t think very much, and we also are sitting most of the time, all of which combined are an equation for slowing brain activity. Instead, choosing an activity such as meditation or reading boosts brain activity, while also giving us a (much better) relaxed feeling than that of TV.

2. Prevents sleep. One fact about TV use that most people don’t know until after they’ve been heavily exposed to it is the fact that TV time can take away from sleep time. Too much loud or bright television before bed prevents the release of melatonin and other chemicals and hormones in the brain that it uses for sleep. Although the cliche picture is one of an old dad falling asleep watching TV, you would be surprised how much TV can prevent sleep; I have personally dealt with this when I was a bit younger. So if you want to get more shut eye or better shut eye, shut off the TV.

3. Little gained. For a lot ventured with TV, not much is gained in return. Sure, watching someone blow stuff up or watching a lion chase down a zebra or anything else is quite neat, little can be gained from watching most TV shows. Although documentaries and a few other listings can be an exception, especially for some visual learners, TV offers so much extra fluff that it is indeed too much of a good thing. For the time you offer staring at the screen, it is indeed a loss.

4. Expensive. I always hear people complaining about gas prices, grocery prices, and shipping prices recently, but how many people have actually looked at the price of TV? Since TV has a recurring cost rather than just a one time cost, it adds up to more than you think. A decent sized flat screen TV alone can cost one a couple hundred dollars or more, especially if you opt to get a really nice one.  Add this to the monthly charge of even cable or satellite TV or high definition channels or sports packages and pay per view, and you are already starting to rack up a decent sized bill. No doubt a regular sized family probably spends a thousand dollars on recurring bills revolving around their TV each year.

5. Takes time away. This is by far the worst of all the previous consequences. Sure, you lose a few dollars or brain cells, you can easily gain those back; however, when it comes to time, once it’s gone there’s no retrieving it. Time spent on the TV could be used for movement, training, socializing, a second job, more work, goal planning, reading, writing, and so many other activities that are so much healthier and beneficial. Reducing TV can greatly improve your health this way, in all ways. So the next time you sit down to watch TV think of what you are sacrificing to get some “relaxing” time watching shows.

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