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4 Productive Ways to Stay Put and Still Move

When it comes to moving physically, it can take a while to rack up the 10,000 required steps per day. While I am constantly on the move, I find times to stay put. Here is a small list of ways to stay put while still moving, which you may not even realize is still happening.

  • Meditation. As we calm ourselves and our minds and they begin to clear, we begin to stay still and move in a way deeper than we realize. Daily meditation in addition to exercise are actually some of the proven ways to relieve stress and build brain power. Combining the two daily can add up to tremendous benefits for our health and body. Meditation is easy and reaps all of these great benefits; it is also one of the few times it is okay to remain still.
  • Reading. Daily reading has not only been linked to overall health but also increasing brainpower, similar to meditation. Since they’re both active mental processes–unlike staring blankly at a TV screen–they help improve intelligence and mental health. Reading inspires us, teaches us, and helps us explore new and different worlds, which is why it is one of the best ways to remain moving by staying still.
  • Writing. Most good readers are also good writers and vice versa. Although writing is not as essential and beneficial to all as reading is, it also is a good way to remain moving while staying still.
  • Sleeping. Interestingly enough, sleeping is even a more active mental process than staring at a TV screen. While it may not appear as beneficial or “productive” at first, sleeping is actually the key ingredient that helps foster the others. Sleeping helps recover the mind and the body, restores us to a vital position, and helps us to relax and relieve stress, which is why it is a good way to move while remaining still.

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7 Habits to Move Away From

While this site focuses a lot on moving forward, sometimes I like to take a step backward, or at least look backward, and begin to move in a different way or view things that we try to move away from. Here’s a short list of big things to start to move away from.

1. Negativity. Negative thoughts and actions impact our lives and the live of those around us. Moving away from negativity will help us grow in our positive life. It is with our positive life that we find fulfillment. Moving away from negativity also involves moving away from negative people, those which may hold you back; although, sometimes this is not always the case, as they can move towards a positive life, too. As you take baby steps to move away from negativity, you will see your life released in a new, much happier light.

2. Self-doubt. We are what we believe, after all. Doubting ourselves and our true goals and aspirations and aptitudes does nothing but bring negativity into our lives that will flood us with unhappiness. Moving away from self-doubt will boost our self-esteem to a level where we will begin to believe in ourselves; our lives will begin to take a purpose.

3. Procrastination. More about this one later. . . Just kidding. Procrastination is one of the worst habits that modern society has brought with it because it seems  to be so much easier to sit around and not really get anything accomplished. As we’ve noticed, though, almost every successful person that has ever been seems to lack this habit, which is good. We are trying to improve our own with baby steps and so should you.

4. Waste. Wasteful products, wasteful relationships, wasteful thoughts, there are all kinds of waste. We need to begin to move away particularly from the waste we release to the environment: greenhouse gases, landfills, and so on. We are on the move making baby steps towards many goals that could potentially help us in this category. As far as other types of waste go, they seem to burden our lives, build up, and eventually overwhelm us. By removing them piece by piece, we become stress free and free of negativity.

5. Discrimination. Because we live in a society of classes, whether we want to admit it or not, this habit is nearly a given, unfortunately. In my previous semester of college, I took an entire class based around this subject, and much of what I saw really surprised me because  most of it I had never thought.of before. Discrimination is one thing that has come along with the “advancement” of civilization; and is mostly there because of the way our societies work: someone at the top and someone at the bottom. I could go on and on about discrimination, but I will keep my words short and say that it is a habit to move away from.

6. Fear. Without a doubt, next to negativity and self doubt, fear is probably what is holding us back most. The fear of failure is most common. Whatever fear persists in your life that may even limit you in the slightest must be faced. A fear faced head on will be a habit soon overpowered and eliminated.

7. Sedentary. We are all humans and we need to move. That’s 10,000 steps a day for most people. This habit is one that is hurting society more in recent years. Because we live so technologically advanced, most things do not require much of an effort to do or require little movement. In essence, we are on our way to becoming vegetables. With the lack of movement we become overweight, have heart disease, develop cancerous tumors, and much more that can most of the time be partially prevented by movement. So why not move away from being sedentary and just move?

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Dropping the T

What’s holding you back right now?

If you’re like most people, the biggest obstacle in your way is, well, yourself. Negative thoughts flood us all at one time or another; however, we’ve found that by “dropping the T” from our can’ts and don’ts make a big difference. We came up with this term one day while we were discussing certain things that we were and weren’t capable of doing.Here’s a few reasons to drop your T.

1. Gives us forward movement. Releasing a negative thought and promoting a positive thought will help move us forward quicker than dreading things. Once a seed of positive thinking starts to grow, it will quickly take root and hold itself up. If we let in positive moods, positive things will begin to propel us forward.

2. Changes your thoughts to change our actions. Once a positive seed has started to grow and we move forward, our actions start to change as our thoughts change. One action sparks another, and before you know it, you have started to not only think entirely positively, but also act more positively. Once our actions are speaking louder than our words, we are truly moving forward, moving others, and moving the world.

3. Fulfillment follows. Our actions and thoughts change who we are and soon we become a different person. By dropping our T, we have found fulfillment in our lives, a fulfillment only reached by changing our thoughts and actions to positive ones.

So what exactly is holding you back?

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Doing What You Can With What You Have

Whether it be physically, spiritually, or environmentally, we all deal with struggles. Lacking perfection, we all face consequences of lacking something at one time or another. To help move me along, I try to use these tips to do what I can with what I’ve got at the present moment.

1. Keep one eye on the prize. Focusing on the future helps move us forward, and it gives purpose to what we are doing now, even if what we seem to be doing now doesn’t seem very meaningful. We need not focus too much on the future; however, we must also look at the present moment as a gift still, which is why only one of our two eyes is needed to look at the prize.

2. Exercise your strengths. If we focus on the good things we do have, despite how few or plenty, we begin to appreciate them more, use them more, and get better at them among other reasons. No one else in the world has the exact same strengths as you and definitely not for the same reasons. You are unique and need to utilize the true strengths you possess because if you don’t, no one will.

3. Do not dwell on weakness. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could not see, but that didn’t stop them from doing what they loved. If they were to dwell on their weakness, they may never have found their true strength, a strength from within that gave them the power to play and perform. You also need to dwell less on weaknesses. Of course, we all know they exist, but we must move pass them in order to be happy; put them on the back burner as the old cliche goes. Once you dwell less on your weaknesses, you will be to find your strengths and utilize them more.

4. Utilize your time. Time is the most precious of all resources; it is the one of which we are most limited. To make better use of your time, do what you can with it. If your dream is not totally in the picture, make wise, useful moves right now to make it happen. For example, if you are training for a marathon, don’t skip a day of running but run twice today. There are many more examples we could present, but learning to utilize your time is one of the most important skills in life.

5. Do not dwell too long on what you do not have (yet or ever). This is by far the hardest part of accepting what we have right now. We are always looking to the future, which, as mentioned, is a good thing; however, if we always dwell on what we do not have instead of what we do have, we will never learn to appreciate anything that actually comes to us. For us, this is the hardest of the rules, besides the previous, to follow. We are always looking forward and working toward a brighter day that sometimes we cannot stop and smell the flowers. Sometimes we also come to a crossroad or finish line in our life and realize that certain things we did work extremely hard for just aren’t in the cards for us anymore. It is then that we must accept that fact, one of the hardest things to do in life. Luckily, it is not always that way, and if the effort is put forth, you can achieve your goals.

6. Realize at times that less is more. Minimalism, in its basic sense, shows us that most things are not essential. You are born without modern technology in the womb; therefore, you already have nearly everything you need. The richest man is the man who needs the least and already has it. Begin to question what you truly need, and you will begin to realize that what little you may have or that despite lacking some things, you really have all that you need.

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Why Move?

Why should we move as humans? Is it all really necessary, especially in todays’ times? Here’s a few reasons why humans need to remain moving.

Humans are designed to move. Just look at our bodies: we have two legs and two arms for starters (not to mention thumbs), so we can run and swim and bike and paddle and much more. We can also sweat, which helps us to outlast any creature, which is the humans only natural advantage in the true wild. We can run great distances, summit any peak, paddle any river, bike across any country, sail to every continent, fly high above the skies, set foot on the moon, and move in millions of other ways.

Movement is an essential for life, almost as important as food, water, and shelter. Prehistoric peoples moved all the time, just like animals of today. Sure, we are not considered animals to most people, but we do possess similar characteristics, and we must move to stay alive. Dead and inanimate things stay put, but humans are meant to be alive and moving.

The world needs movers. People who move other people, people who move themselves, people who move others to happiness, to new faiths, to greener living.  The world needs those types of people and all types of movers. Leaders will move people by example, preists and ministers and rabbis and other religious figures will move people spiritually, park rangers will move people to live with the environment, coaches will move athletes physically. They are all needed by the world.

Movement is healthy. 10,000 steps a day is recommended for daily health and that just accounts for physical health. A couple minutes of meditation or hypnosis daily can help replace sleep, relax you, and lower your blood pressure and stress level. Prayer and self-reflection can help you move spiritually. Recycling and using alternative fuels can help you reduce your carbon footprint, a healthy alternative for the environment. Most types of movement incorporate many different types of movement in one, so why not move more?

Movement encourages movement. Once you begin to move, others will see a spark. Your candle will light another candle, even if only just one, and they will go on to light someone’s candle and the effect just multiplies from there.

We must learn to move in all of these different ways in order to help ourselves, others, and the world. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you move, how fast you move, or how far that you go, but rather, the fact that you can keep on moving and leave the sedentary behind is most important.

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