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7 Habits to Move Away From

While this site focuses a lot on moving forward, sometimes I like to take a step backward, or at least look backward, and begin to move in a different way or view things that we try to move away from. Here’s a short list of big things to start to move away from.

1. Negativity. Negative thoughts and actions impact our lives and the live of those around us. Moving away from negativity will help us grow in our positive life. It is with our positive life that we find fulfillment. Moving away from negativity also involves moving away from negative people, those which may hold you back; although, sometimes this is not always the case, as they can move towards a positive life, too. As you take baby steps to move away from negativity, you will see your life released in a new, much happier light.

2. Self-doubt. We are what we believe, after all. Doubting ourselves and our true goals and aspirations and aptitudes does nothing but bring negativity into our lives that will flood us with unhappiness. Moving away from self-doubt will boost our self-esteem to a level where we will begin to believe in ourselves; our lives will begin to take a purpose.

3. Procrastination. More about this one later. . . Just kidding. Procrastination is one of the worst habits that modern society has brought with it because it seems  to be so much easier to sit around and not really get anything accomplished. As we’ve noticed, though, almost every successful person that has ever been seems to lack this habit, which is good. We are trying to improve our own with baby steps and so should you.

4. Waste. Wasteful products, wasteful relationships, wasteful thoughts, there are all kinds of waste. We need to begin to move away particularly from the waste we release to the environment: greenhouse gases, landfills, and so on. We are on the move making baby steps towards many goals that could potentially help us in this category. As far as other types of waste go, they seem to burden our lives, build up, and eventually overwhelm us. By removing them piece by piece, we become stress free and free of negativity.

5. Discrimination. Because we live in a society of classes, whether we want to admit it or not, this habit is nearly a given, unfortunately. In my previous semester of college, I took an entire class based around this subject, and much of what I saw really surprised me because  most of it I had never thought.of before. Discrimination is one thing that has come along with the “advancement” of civilization; and is mostly there because of the way our societies work: someone at the top and someone at the bottom. I could go on and on about discrimination, but I will keep my words short and say that it is a habit to move away from.

6. Fear. Without a doubt, next to negativity and self doubt, fear is probably what is holding us back most. The fear of failure is most common. Whatever fear persists in your life that may even limit you in the slightest must be faced. A fear faced head on will be a habit soon overpowered and eliminated.

7. Sedentary. We are all humans and we need to move. That’s 10,000 steps a day for most people. This habit is one that is hurting society more in recent years. Because we live so technologically advanced, most things do not require much of an effort to do or require little movement. In essence, we are on our way to becoming vegetables. With the lack of movement we become overweight, have heart disease, develop cancerous tumors, and much more that can most of the time be partially prevented by movement. So why not move away from being sedentary and just move?


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How to Move From Have To to Want To in 4 Easy Steps

Sometimes in life everything we do becomes overbearing. For us, working more than 40 hours a week, training in the offseason, spending time with friends, writing a blog, checking email, playing music, and many other activities sometimes creep up on us and overwhelm. We have also noticed that the more intense challenges we seem to tackle at once, the worse that we do at it and the more we get a feeling of “having to do it.” This mentality makes us want to stay in bed rather than go out and live sometimes, which is bad. On the contrary, we are reading blogs and stories and the newspaper along with chatting with people about their high for life, excitement to be alive, thankfulness for today, and so on. This makes us realize that these people have found life in a way of a “wanting to do it” philosophy. So to fix this problem of “having to do” stuff, we have come up with a short list of how to move us from a mentality of “have to do” to one of “wanting to do.”

1. Eliminate the unessential. Relationships, jobs, and anything that is apparently overbearing you should initially start to be eliminated. This doesn’t mean quit your day job and go instantly in the direction that you want; you will have to take baby steps to get there, but piece by piece you will make it along.

2. Exalt what matters most.

.After eliminating the small things that clutter your life, you will be able to begin to exalt what matters most. As the baby steps start to eliminate what matters least, there will be a transition to adding baby steps for what matters most. If you push away the unessential and push for the essential,you will start living for what truly matters.

3. Balance and accept the leftovers. In everyone’s life there will always be something that they don’t want. There will always be an amount of defeat in your fulfillment, just like a yin-yang. This step involves taking the bad with the good. If you are exalting the good and what matters most, you will begin to see less bad, which results in more happiness.

4. Continue to Remember: baby steps. Nothing much can be accomplished greatly overnight, especially when it takes experts 10,000 hours to get there. If you remember the art of taking baby steps, then you will slowly transform yourself and eliminate the unessential in your life. Pursuing baby steps will help you move from having to do something to wanting to do something.

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