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No Excuses Philosophy

Of all the memories of high school sports, there is one that I’ve held onto more than others: our football coach’s  no excuse philosophy. While I’d learned many lessons from sports, many of which I will present on this site, I was definitely struck hard with this one. A play would happen, somebody would miss a block and then our coach would get all fired up, screaming at the top of his lungs at you and asking “What was that? What’d you forget to do? What the heck are you doing?” Before you’d have time to respond he would scream “No excuses!” while screaming some silly nickname he made up for you. While this may sound a bit like boot camp, it was not all that rough; in fact, the lessons that football taught me are prevalent to this day. I know realize more than ever why our football coach had a no excuses philosophy; it was teaching us a life lesson. Here’s a few reasons to not make up excuses.

  • Excuse an opportunity. An excuse gives you time to procrastinate, a very bad habit and a difficult one to break. By procrastinating and making an excuse you are missing an opportunity that might present itself. For example, if you want to run a 5k but you make excuses like “I’m too fat.” or “I’m not a runner.” then you will be missing out on an opportunity to better yourself. By making excuses you are excusing a potentially good opportunity.
  • Excuse a chance at success.  This rule fits closely with the first. If all you do is make excuses, you will never find the perfect time, place, or energy to do just about anything; it will kill your desire. Once your desire is killed it becomes hard to rekindle. By making excuses, you are excusing a chance for opportunities to lead you to success.
  • Excuse energy and time. When one begins to make up excuses, we lose time an energy that could be used for good. Since time is our most valuable resource, it becomes difficult to get back, although you can make more time. So when you use an excuse again, make sure you realize how much time and energy you may waste.

Keep these tips in mind when making excuses, especially useless ones, which also includes lies. I know that no one is perfect and I make excuses too; I just try to keep hold of these tips when I’m tempted to make up a bunch of excuses. Hold onto promises, goals, dreams, and your chance at success and happiness by using less excuses.

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