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Dropping the T

What’s holding you back right now?

If you’re like most people, the biggest obstacle in your way is, well, yourself. Negative thoughts flood us all at one time or another; however, we’ve found that by “dropping the T” from our can’ts and don’ts make a big difference. We came up with this term one day while we were discussing certain things that we were and weren’t capable of doing.Here’s a few reasons to drop your T.

1. Gives us forward movement. Releasing a negative thought and promoting a positive thought will help move us forward quicker than dreading things. Once a seed of positive thinking starts to grow, it will quickly take root and hold itself up. If we let in positive moods, positive things will begin to propel us forward.

2. Changes your thoughts to change our actions. Once a positive seed has started to grow and we move forward, our actions start to change as our thoughts change. One action sparks another, and before you know it, you have started to not only think entirely positively, but also act more positively. Once our actions are speaking louder than our words, we are truly moving forward, moving others, and moving the world.

3. Fulfillment follows. Our actions and thoughts change who we are and soon we become a different person. By dropping our T, we have found fulfillment in our lives, a fulfillment only reached by changing our thoughts and actions to positive ones.

So what exactly is holding you back?


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