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Combined Efforts

I discovered this week how true it is that our combined efforts are what bring us our ultimate success and victories or, even, our faults. Team work is established well in many team sports. If this guy doesn’t block here or this guy doesn’t jump, there will be no score, advancement, turnover, etc. While this seems obvious at first, I have learned that, through the last couple weeks, teamwork is harder to come by than it seems. Fighting among each other, ranting and raving, being tired, and many other reasons lead to some slackers and other performers. Each team seems to have someone who keeps moving no matter what, who keeps giving their 110%, if only to pick up the slack of the half of the team that only gives about 90%. However, if just one or two more people on their team (or the others) makes it up to that 110% margin, this is where victory comes. True success is when everyone on the team gives the 110%. Here are two reasons to keep all of our efforts combined, whether we are working as a team or adding up our days.

1. Push harder now to reach your goals. An achievement is made true by combining all of our efforts, both the good and the bad. If you push through at 110% all of the time, your bad times will not seem so bad, and your small victories along the way will help to boost you tremendously. Taking this train head on, we are more capable of facing it. We will also begin to see the glass half full.

2. The are all links. No matter how many bad experiences you will have or even good ones, they are all a link in the chain to your goal. By removing one or two, you will lose connection and surely fall off track. By combining all of these together and seeing them as whole and together, we will be able to truly succeed whether by ourselves or as a team.

Just a little muse. . . The more people we have working 110%, the better. Let us help to bring others to this goal. The more people we bring here, the better our earth and lives will be.

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