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About Us


Hello, everyone, and welcome to Move Everyday. This is Smitty and Jess and were are here to show you how we move, how movement is important, and why you should move.

So What Is This Place?

Move Everyday blogs about what matters most in life, moving. Movement, by definition, is the act of passing from one place or position to another. In other words, movement involves a change of location, position, disposition, thought or feeling. Music moves, animals move, trees move, and even more moves us and inspires and motivates us. To be alive, we must have movement.

Intertwined and very important, it is vital that we know how to move, when to move, types of movement, and why to stay in motion. Move Everyday will cover topics ranging from health and fitness, to spiritual growth, positive attitude building, greener living, alternative transportation, running, training, deep questions, and just about anything that involves movement!

Who Are You?

This question is a tough one to cover. We are good friends who pursue movement. We started this blog in hopes of inspiring others to move. We both have a history of moving. Also, a sidenote, most posts are written by Smitty and edited by Jess; however, we collaborate to finish them always.

Why Are You Writing This Blog?

The idea came upon us in a million different pieces of the course of the last couple years of our lives. Recently, we have been able to bring them altogether, and a blog suited our taste. With this blog we hope to reach the world with a message of movement and why and how we should move more.

So Is This One of Those Crazy Fitness Blogs?

Yes, and no. Depending on your description of crazy, I suppose it could be. But in all reality, this blog is meant for everyone because every living person needs to move and constantly be moving forward. The blog will feature some workout type topics and various other exercises, but it is not meant to be strictly supporting the art of motion in some crazy exercise-like fashion. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics of exercise movements, mental exercises, and spiritual and environmental movements will be posted. You won’t necessarily have to hit the gym for this website to benefit you.

I Have Another Question/Comment/Concern?

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us!


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