Moving Musing #2: Perseverance

A few years ago, I walked into the YMCA ready to lift some weights, much as I normally did about three times a week. My motivation wasn’t lacking too badly,but I could certainly tell that today was not my greatest day; however, I continued onward back to the bench press and squat racks. Out of what seemed like no where, a somewhat unfamiliar voice was talking a bit loudly, yet not in a rude fashion. I look up to see a man on a stationary bike, struggling, but this was not just any man. The man who was sitting on–and pedaling–the stationary bike, was usually wheel chair bound. My eyes grew to the size of basketballs in amazement. I didn’t even know he had use of his legs, let alone enough to ride a bike. I dropped all the weights that I had picked up and tried not to stare in a rude fashion, but I almost could not resist watching him. Inspiration at its greatest. The man struggled greatly indeed, for he had not only some disease that prevented 95% of the use of his legs and body, but he struggled to stay on the bike and other things let alone pedal, but the most amazing part was that the was on the bike at all, and moving. For the next hour, I watched in amusement as this nearly crippled man pedaled onward for almost 6 miles, chanting to himself all the way, “C’mon, man, cmon! You can do it, man!” His perseverance that day will linger with me forever, for he never gave up, even in the face of the most adversity that one could face. I now have no excuse not to move, and I hope this serves as one to you, too. Persevere and you will climb mountains.


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