A Few Short Ways to Sleep With Zen

A crucial part of nervous system and body function recovery, sleep provides us with essential downtime to help recover, replenish, and even refuel us for the coming day. Though you may not feel you are “moving” while sleeping, your body and mind certainly do, which is why it is a crucial step in assisting our daily movement. The list below contains a few short notes on how to achieve more zen in your sleep and sleep more fully.

  • Clear distractions. While this may seem obvious, a few of the objects and sounds and persons distracting you may not. Do you sleep with too many pillows? That can be a distraction. How about a fan? Also possible, yet could be beneficial. Are there any other objects that make for an eye sore, an ear sore, or a mind sore? If so make sure to clear them. The less “stuff” you have around you, the more likely you are to sleep in zen.
  • Find comfort and rhythm. Begin by sleeping and waking at the same time daily, if possible. I try to accomplish this and is perhaps the hardest part of zen sleeping. Also, find a comfortable sleeping spot. Arrange your bed the same way daily, and attain the same routine before bed daily, which I suggest should include reading. Also, experts have mentioned to use the bed only for sleeping. If you are used to eating and watching TV and whatnot in your bed, change those activities–or wipe them out completely–from the location of your bed.
  • Breathe. Breathing and controlled breathing are ideal ways to initiate sleep. Almost meditative, one begins to feel refreshed but also relaxed. Meditate a few short minutes after reading and before bed to clear your mind completely.

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