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Rejuvenation After Exercise

Most people dread exercise in one form or another we have started to notice. We cannot see how this works out. For us, exercise and physical activity give us a “high” very often. We believe maybe just because it is easier to sit on the couch and do nothing than it is to move that people dislike the idea of moving. To help prevent this, we have not only found joy in exercise, but we have found goals, challenges, and many pursuits which all can lead to a bit of a high inspiration.

I feel rejuvenated post workout recently. I do know that I enjoy exercise more than most people, but this is because I have found a source of fulfillment in what I am doing. It is good for the environment, my health, inspiring others and so on. Sometimes I get such a boost of energy after a workout that it ignites my whole day in fact. Of course, not every day is sunshine and rainbows because I definitely do have my days; however, I push through the hard ones and rejoice in times of triumph. My rejuvenation today was a bit of runner’s high. I tend to get this after running a short distance and then unleashing sprints. Whatever it is you do to find rejuvenation and get an exercise high, go for it and you will be thankful.

Recently I have even found that exercising in the morning is the best medicine for a good day; however, I am still taking my baby steps towards changing my routine from evening to morning or at least earlier in the day. The morning seems to be the ideal time because it wakes us, stimulates us. It prepares not only our body for more movement throughout the day but also gives our brain proper blood flow to trigger our thoughts. Also, exercise in the morning seems to trigger a “go-get-it” attitude for the rest of the day. I lean on this because I have always had a problem sustaining energy throughout the day. Jess has most often times exercised of the morning, and I can tell that she benefits greatly from it. Hopefully I can begin to move in that direction.

Not only giving me a high, exercising in the morning is easier than exercising later in the evening. Wait, you say, did I really just say that? Yes, indeed I did. Now this does not mean the first thing you have to do after you drag your butt out of bed is put on running shoes, chug an energy bar, and stretch your muscles. I suggest moving slowly at first. Eat something or get a drink, specifically coffee in my case along with water. Let your body open up to the new day and get the grogginess away. Basically you will be putting the bad part of the morning here. You know, the part that most people dread. After a bit of an awakened state, I suggest movement. Push yourself now and relax a bit after. You will feel rejuvenated.

Exercising in the evening is not all bad, though. I actually suggest another bout of exercise a few hours before sleep. This gets your body tired and ready to go into bed as long as you make sure it is two hours or more before bed. The main reason to avoid doing all of your workouts and movement in the evening dwindles down to the lack of motivation. Most people have worked eight or more hours, taken kids to soccer practice, commuted a long, boring way to work, or whatever other daily things you are doing. Sometimes these can smash down our motivation and prevent us from exercising to our full potential or even at all.

If the morning is not your thing, then exercising in the evening is fine. Movement is movement and any movement is better than no movement. To boost your exercise routine in the next couple days, try to find your “runners’ high” so to speak in whatever activity you are doing. Rejuvenation afterwards is always a good motivator.


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Doing What You Can With What You Have

Whether it be physically, spiritually, or environmentally, we all deal with struggles. Lacking perfection, we all face consequences of lacking something at one time or another. To help move me along, I try to use these tips to do what I can with what I’ve got at the present moment.

1. Keep one eye on the prize. Focusing on the future helps move us forward, and it gives purpose to what we are doing now, even if what we seem to be doing now doesn’t seem very meaningful. We need not focus too much on the future; however, we must also look at the present moment as a gift still, which is why only one of our two eyes is needed to look at the prize.

2. Exercise your strengths. If we focus on the good things we do have, despite how few or plenty, we begin to appreciate them more, use them more, and get better at them among other reasons. No one else in the world has the exact same strengths as you and definitely not for the same reasons. You are unique and need to utilize the true strengths you possess because if you don’t, no one will.

3. Do not dwell on weakness. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could not see, but that didn’t stop them from doing what they loved. If they were to dwell on their weakness, they may never have found their true strength, a strength from within that gave them the power to play and perform. You also need to dwell less on weaknesses. Of course, we all know they exist, but we must move pass them in order to be happy; put them on the back burner as the old cliche goes. Once you dwell less on your weaknesses, you will be to find your strengths and utilize them more.

4. Utilize your time. Time is the most precious of all resources; it is the one of which we are most limited. To make better use of your time, do what you can with it. If your dream is not totally in the picture, make wise, useful moves right now to make it happen. For example, if you are training for a marathon, don’t skip a day of running but run twice today. There are many more examples we could present, but learning to utilize your time is one of the most important skills in life.

5. Do not dwell too long on what you do not have (yet or ever). This is by far the hardest part of accepting what we have right now. We are always looking to the future, which, as mentioned, is a good thing; however, if we always dwell on what we do not have instead of what we do have, we will never learn to appreciate anything that actually comes to us. For us, this is the hardest of the rules, besides the previous, to follow. We are always looking forward and working toward a brighter day that sometimes we cannot stop and smell the flowers. Sometimes we also come to a crossroad or finish line in our life and realize that certain things we did work extremely hard for just aren’t in the cards for us anymore. It is then that we must accept that fact, one of the hardest things to do in life. Luckily, it is not always that way, and if the effort is put forth, you can achieve your goals.

6. Realize at times that less is more. Minimalism, in its basic sense, shows us that most things are not essential. You are born without modern technology in the womb; therefore, you already have nearly everything you need. The richest man is the man who needs the least and already has it. Begin to question what you truly need, and you will begin to realize that what little you may have or that despite lacking some things, you really have all that you need.

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How to Move From Have To to Want To in 4 Easy Steps

Sometimes in life everything we do becomes overbearing. For us, working more than 40 hours a week, training in the offseason, spending time with friends, writing a blog, checking email, playing music, and many other activities sometimes creep up on us and overwhelm. We have also noticed that the more intense challenges we seem to tackle at once, the worse that we do at it and the more we get a feeling of “having to do it.” This mentality makes us want to stay in bed rather than go out and live sometimes, which is bad. On the contrary, we are reading blogs and stories and the newspaper along with chatting with people about their high for life, excitement to be alive, thankfulness for today, and so on. This makes us realize that these people have found life in a way of a “wanting to do it” philosophy. So to fix this problem of “having to do” stuff, we have come up with a short list of how to move us from a mentality of “have to do” to one of “wanting to do.”

1. Eliminate the unessential. Relationships, jobs, and anything that is apparently overbearing you should initially start to be eliminated. This doesn’t mean quit your day job and go instantly in the direction that you want; you will have to take baby steps to get there, but piece by piece you will make it along.

2. Exalt what matters most.

.After eliminating the small things that clutter your life, you will be able to begin to exalt what matters most. As the baby steps start to eliminate what matters least, there will be a transition to adding baby steps for what matters most. If you push away the unessential and push for the essential,you will start living for what truly matters.

3. Balance and accept the leftovers. In everyone’s life there will always be something that they don’t want. There will always be an amount of defeat in your fulfillment, just like a yin-yang. This step involves taking the bad with the good. If you are exalting the good and what matters most, you will begin to see less bad, which results in more happiness.

4. Continue to Remember: baby steps. Nothing much can be accomplished greatly overnight, especially when it takes experts 10,000 hours to get there. If you remember the art of taking baby steps, then you will slowly transform yourself and eliminate the unessential in your life. Pursuing baby steps will help you move from having to do something to wanting to do something.

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Our Favorite Ways to Move Physically

Everyone who loves to move probably enjoys moving in more than one way, and even those who don’t move enough or don’t want to move will eventually find different ways to move that they enjoy. I will not say that we are beast endurance athletes, but we do keep rather fit. For instance, at my current college I train for events up to the 800m in track and field, and Jess also competes in road races. In addition, I play the wing position on my university’s rugby team, and Jess has a strong background in basketball. We probably know more about movement in physical ways than most but are far from experts. We will show you our favorite ways of moving that we have learned, however.

  • Sports. One of the most enjoyable ways to move, sports provide physical activity, a challenge, and fun. Because most every sport involves a form of movement, whether it be jumping, sprinting, leaping, or jogging, they all add some necessary movement time to our lives. Not only motion, sports teach us valuable skills, such as teamwork, motivation, and of course sport-specific skills that can even transfer to the real world, also. We recommend taking up sports because they are by far the easiest way to get started moving, especially because they prove to be a challenge and many folks band together to play them.
  • Backpacking/Hiking. Although we have only done a handful of trips in our lifetime, backpacking is an up and coming hobby that we are obsessing over. It involves all essential movement skills and gives one much more than they seek. Because of this, backpacking is an ideal way of moving physically; once you start to move, you begin to move spiritually and mentally as well. Immersed in the wild or even at your city park, you will begin to breath deeper breaths, take in far away sights, and even stop to smell the roses. Backpacking also brings one down to the bare essentials of life. If you can’t carry it with you, you leave it! This style of minimalism brings one peace. Moving one spiritually and physically, backpacking is one of our favorite ways to move.
  • Outdoor Recreation. In the wild I begin to feel alive, as if my true purpose comes upon me. There are more types of outdoor recreation than we can even name, but almost every way is a great way to move. Personally we like rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, geocaching, skiing, bouldering, and of course backpacking and hiking as mentioned before. In the outdoors, one can feel a close sense of connection with nature, and this type of connection can help one grow in more ways than one. As of this moment, our skills in outdoor recreation are not massive, but we work toward building them because we have noticed how essential outdoor recreation can be. So if you are looking for new  ways to move that will also move you in more ways than physically, look into outdoor recreation.
  • Running. Yes, we are runners; we all are runners in the race of life. Life is actually a lot like running. The greatest way to move next to walking, running provides nearly all the benefits of the previous listed events and even more. You can run to race, run to overcome, run to lose, run for peace, or you can just run. Running is the essential form of movement; humans are born and designed to be runners. More posts on running will be posted later because it is just that great of a way to move.

This list is just a snippet of some of our favorite ways to move. We are hoping to add many more movements to this list someday because we don’t ever want to stop moving and learning. Look for individual posts for each section soon.

So. . .how do you move?

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Why Move?

Why should we move as humans? Is it all really necessary, especially in todays’ times? Here’s a few reasons why humans need to remain moving.

Humans are designed to move. Just look at our bodies: we have two legs and two arms for starters (not to mention thumbs), so we can run and swim and bike and paddle and much more. We can also sweat, which helps us to outlast any creature, which is the humans only natural advantage in the true wild. We can run great distances, summit any peak, paddle any river, bike across any country, sail to every continent, fly high above the skies, set foot on the moon, and move in millions of other ways.

Movement is an essential for life, almost as important as food, water, and shelter. Prehistoric peoples moved all the time, just like animals of today. Sure, we are not considered animals to most people, but we do possess similar characteristics, and we must move to stay alive. Dead and inanimate things stay put, but humans are meant to be alive and moving.

The world needs movers. People who move other people, people who move themselves, people who move others to happiness, to new faiths, to greener living.  The world needs those types of people and all types of movers. Leaders will move people by example, preists and ministers and rabbis and other religious figures will move people spiritually, park rangers will move people to live with the environment, coaches will move athletes physically. They are all needed by the world.

Movement is healthy. 10,000 steps a day is recommended for daily health and that just accounts for physical health. A couple minutes of meditation or hypnosis daily can help replace sleep, relax you, and lower your blood pressure and stress level. Prayer and self-reflection can help you move spiritually. Recycling and using alternative fuels can help you reduce your carbon footprint, a healthy alternative for the environment. Most types of movement incorporate many different types of movement in one, so why not move more?

Movement encourages movement. Once you begin to move, others will see a spark. Your candle will light another candle, even if only just one, and they will go on to light someone’s candle and the effect just multiplies from there.

We must learn to move in all of these different ways in order to help ourselves, others, and the world. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you move, how fast you move, or how far that you go, but rather, the fact that you can keep on moving and leave the sedentary behind is most important.

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About Us


Hello, everyone, and welcome to Move Everyday. This is Smitty and Jess and were are here to show you how we move, how movement is important, and why you should move.

So What Is This Place?

Move Everyday blogs about what matters most in life, moving. Movement, by definition, is the act of passing from one place or position to another. In other words, movement involves a change of location, position, disposition, thought or feeling. Music moves, animals move, trees move, and even more moves us and inspires and motivates us. To be alive, we must have movement.

Intertwined and very important, it is vital that we know how to move, when to move, types of movement, and why to stay in motion. Move Everyday will cover topics ranging from health and fitness, to spiritual growth, positive attitude building, greener living, alternative transportation, running, training, deep questions, and just about anything that involves movement!

Who Are You?

This question is a tough one to cover. We are good friends who pursue movement. We started this blog in hopes of inspiring others to move. We both have a history of moving. Also, a sidenote, most posts are written by Smitty and edited by Jess; however, we collaborate to finish them always.

Why Are You Writing This Blog?

The idea came upon us in a million different pieces of the course of the last couple years of our lives. Recently, we have been able to bring them altogether, and a blog suited our taste. With this blog we hope to reach the world with a message of movement and why and how we should move more.

So Is This One of Those Crazy Fitness Blogs?

Yes, and no. Depending on your description of crazy, I suppose it could be. But in all reality, this blog is meant for everyone because every living person needs to move and constantly be moving forward. The blog will feature some workout type topics and various other exercises, but it is not meant to be strictly supporting the art of motion in some crazy exercise-like fashion. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics of exercise movements, mental exercises, and spiritual and environmental movements will be posted. You won’t necessarily have to hit the gym for this website to benefit you.

I Have Another Question/Comment/Concern?

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us!

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